4:55am July 19, 2013


My mother experiences extreme low self-esteem and it has begun to take toll on her cake making. She makes wonderful cakes and she never thinks they are as good as they really are. It breaks my heart even more knowing that this is the one thing she loves to do and that she’s starting to hate it, and losing her eyesight isn’t making the workload that comes along with these any easier. I want her to realize that she is an amazing cake maker. I mean, everything on these cakes consist of some chocolate and a lot of icing! No fondant! She’s only used marshmallow fondant for small details and on one whole cake recently for the first time, and her’s actually tastes amazing! Please reblog so I can prove she actually can do a great job on these! Sure, she isn’t a professional, but they are still great and they taste awesome! Certainly taste better than some of the professional ones covered in fondant I’ve had.

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    She made a new one for a friend’s VBS. Felt like being lazy but I think it came out pretty nice :3
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    Tell your mother that my roommates and I all just gathered around my laptop for the sole purpose of admiring her cakes....
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    That A cake is the coolest thing ever
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